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Our Story

How it All Started           

The concept for Nail Fitness dates back to the early eighties when Derek Berg was a newly licensed manicurist doing nails in Southern California. (Yes, very few male manicurists at that time!) He saw firsthand the damage being done by artificial nail applications, and felt like his clients needed another option.

Derek left that career to go into sales within the nail industry, creating a mobile nail supply business that serviced nail salons. It was during that time that he met his wife, Wendy (also a manicurist and stylist at the time), and together they went on to open several salons and a large beauty supply location.

Creating Nail Fitness

Over the years, Derek continued to notice the growing trend of people opting for healthier, natural looking nails. While he worked with all the major brands and sold their nail strengtheners, he still believed he could create a superior product.

In 1999, working with a leading chemist in the field, Derek and Wendy created Nail Fitness—a natural nail product unlike anything else available.

Quality Over Everything

The formula was undoubtedly superior and Derek knew he could maintain that unbeatable quality by bottling in small batches, controlling distribution, and never allowing his product to collect dust on warehouse shelves.

After nearly 20 years of distributing directly to manicurists, we realized we had to listen to our users and make it more readily available for those who couldn't access Nail Fitness at their local salon. So, here we are, making our product available to you on our website.

We're still bottling in small batches, maintaining our highest standards as we strive to keep up with the growing demand for our product.

 Family Owned and Operated, Then and Now

Our small team has grown over the years and recently, Derek's sister, Noel Berg Hillestad, has joined us to help with sales and marketing. Noel also obtained her manicuring license in the late 1980s and has always been involved with the family businesses throughout the years. She is excited about sharing Nail Fitness with every consumer that wants to enjoy their own, natural nails. In addition to sales, Noel is passionate about supporting women's organizations and will lead the company as we commit to actively donate to multiple charities on a rotating basis throughout the year. (Watch our Facebook and Instagram for more information!)

 Our Mission

To help our customers have strong, healthy, natural nails by offering an exclusive product that makes them feel beautiful and confident. We are committed to creating relationships and supporting organizations that empower women.