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Nail Health 101


A while back, I set out on a journey to learn absolutely everything I could about natural nail care. Although I went to manicuring school years ago, I wanted to take my knowledge to a whole new level. I set out to consume everything I could get my hands on about nails, including anatomy of the nail, nails throughout history, how professional manicuring became a "thing", and most importantly, what creates optimum nail health. I spent countless hours combing through websites relating to nail care, read more books than I care to admit (yes, there are actually books solely about our nails) and interviewed experts in the field. What I unearthed, was treasure throve of "forgotten" facts. Almost like the ancient writings from a lost civilization. I learned numerous tried and true methods to have unbelievably healthy, natural nails. These methods were relatively easy and made 100% sense.  

Over the years, I have talked with so many women that had a love/hate relationship with their nails. So many of them believed that the only way to have beautiful nails and hands was to go to a salon and pay to have a "process" done. Maybe they were attending a special event, going on vacation, or just wanted their hands to look nice. In some cases, that "process" was extremely damaging to their nails. Fast forward and now it's time to remove the gel, acrylic, etc. Unfortunately, most women are left with weak, unhealthy nails that definitely need intervention. 

My mission was to create a system that would not only heal and strengthen their nails, but to give them the ability to have the beautiful nails and hands they longed for without the risks associated with artificial nail applications. In the coming weeks, I will share this information along with my favorite products for the journey. Not only will your nails look amazing, your overall health will benefit as well! Stay tuned!