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Consistency is the key

You've decided you want healthy, natural nails. Congratulations! You purchased your Nail Fitness and you're set to go. 

This should be easy, two coats to start and then reapply one coat every other day. You got this! Then life gets busy. You forget to reapply. Now it's been 3 days and you feel like you're failing. No problem, just add a coat! Consistency is really important though, so applying a new coat every other day (or every two days if you're not seeing any wear) needs to become your new healthy habit. 

One of our customers says she actually sets a reminder on her phone, so she doesn't forget. We love this idea! It only takes a minute to apply that coat, adding strength and protecting the nail.

Another idea is to leave the bottle somewhere you're likely to see it throughout the day..... kitchen counter, bathroom counter, on your desk. Get a glass of water (hydrate!), take several deep breaths, and apply a new coat. A super quick self care session!

You will see the results you're looking for if you stay the course. Don't forget to use a quality cuticle oil and hand lotion throughout the day. Moisturizing plays a very important role as you improve your nail health.

That's it! You can do this!